Cadastral Survey
Quality Assurance Manual


This Manual forms part of the SAPS quality management system. Its intent is to define the processes undertaken by staff, and the quality controls used, to ensure all phases of cadastral survey work meet the regulatory requirements of LINZ. In doing so it will assist Licensed Cadastral Surveyors in the Company to fulfill their responsibilities under the Cadastral Survey Act.

The Company equally has a responsibility to ensure a timely service to clients with advice and outcomes that meet their needs. These controls, including client contracts, communication and job registration, are described elsewhere in our management system.

The systems this document describes are based around requirements of AS/NZS ISO 9001:2000. This is the International Standard for Quality Management Systems


The Directors of SAPS are committed to supporting staff in meeting the requirements of the Cadastral Survey Act and its Regulations. This includes the provision of adequate training, resources, and equipment.

We will monitor the quality assurance processes to ensure they are fully implemented and effective. Information from internal and external audits and feedback from all sources, including staff and LINZ, will be used to further strengthen our systems.

All staff are required to comply with the requirements of this Manual.


The above chart shows reporting relationships for staff involved in preparation of a Cadastral Survey Data set and associated field work.

Office Manager

The quality standards of Cadastral Survey Datasets (CSD's) are heavily reliant on the competence of staff involved in their preparation. The Office Manager shall ensure that those involved are adequately trained and supported in this process.

Quality Coordinator

The Quality Coordinator will ensure ongoing review of Quality Assurance processes to verify they are being consistently maintained with ongoing and critical review of their effectiveness. This shall be undertaken via internal and external auditing, feedback during staff meetings, and analysis of LINZ requisitions and information.

Reports on the above shall be provided to Office Managers Meetings.

Licensed Cadastral Surveyor

The Licensed Cadastral Surveyor (LCS) has ultimate responsibility for the CSD, as defined in the Cadastral Survey Act.

A CSD will not be lodged until the LCS has ensured all procedures and checking processes specified in the Manual have been completed - via review of data, filed notes and checklists.

Draughters (this role may be undertaken by the LCS)

Draughting personnel shall ensure pre fieldwork collation of information, and preparation of CSD's is undertaken in accordance with the processes described in the Manual. This includes diligent completion of relevant checklists to identify potential errors or omissions.

Field Surveyors

All staff undertaking fieldwork for CSD's shall ensure this is undertaken in accordance with the processes described in the Manual. This includes recording of redundant measurements and diligent completion of relevant checklists to identify potential errors or omissions.


The SAPS Skills Matrix lists the names of staff competent to undertake the various phases of CSD preparation. Competence is assessed by the Office Manager based on their qualifications and experience, the training they have received at SAPS, and reports from supervisory personnel.

Staff shall work under the direct supervision of another staff member until they are designated as 'competent' in the Skills Matrix.


5.1 LINZ

The Quality Coordinator is the prime contact point with LINZ on performance of the Company in meeting regulatory requirements.

Licensed Surveyors and Field Surveyors will communicate with LINZ personnel in relation to CSD's they have signed.

5.2 Staff Meetings

Bi-monthly staff meetings will generally be held on the first Monday of the month and will include a standing Agenda item on Cadastral Survey Quality Assurance. This is a forum for staff to discuss the effectiveness of cadastral survey procedures and to agree on improvements where problems have occurred.

5.3 Office Managers Meetings

At quarterly intervals (generally the first Friday of January, April, July and October) office managers will meet to discuss SAPS management issues. This shall include information on LINZ Requisitions, audit outcomes and comparisons to industry averages. It shall also address internal audit results, feedback from Staff Meetings and improvements made to the Company's QA processes.

Office managers shall review this information to ascertain effectiveness of the Cadastral QA program and if necessary take action to improve this. Any decisions made by office managers will be reported to the next Staff Meeting.


This section describes the quality controls developed by the Company to minimise the possibility of incorrect data being lodged with LINZ. No data sets are to be lodged unless all checking processes described here have been completed with records held on the Job File.

6.1 Pre- survey

On receipt of client instructions for a new cadastral survey the Office Manager shall complete an Instruction Confirmation Form.

The Office Manager will allocate the Data Search to an appropriately skilled staff member, and verify the completeness of search data, prior to forwarding to the LCS.

6.2 Field Survey

The Office Manager shall allocate the field work in liaison with the LCS who will eventually sign the CSD. Cadastral Field work can only be undertaken by a suitably experienced field crew as designated by Directors in the Company's Skills Matrix.

The Office Manager may request the Field Surveyor complete a Cadastral Survey Field Checklist (Form 2) for the job - typically for new or less experienced personnel. The on-site portion of this checklist must be completed before leaving the site to verify fieldwork is complete and meets key requirements of the Regulations.

6.3 CSD Preparation

On completion of boundary calculations, in conjunction with the LCS as necessary, the Field Surveyor shall forward the Job File to the Draughter for creation of the Cadastral Survey Data Set.

On completion of the data set the Draughter, Field Surveyor and Licensed Cadastral Surveyor shall check relevant sections of the E-Survey Processing Checklist (Form 6) and the E-Survey Pre-validation Checklist (Form 7).

The Unit Title Plan Examination Checklist (Form 5) is to be completed for Unit Title Surveys.

The CSD is now ready for signature and lodgement following completion of the Document Checklist (Form 9).

The Licensed Cadastral Surveyor should use the LCS E-Survey Checking Procedure (Form 10) for final on-line checking to formal submitting.


All measuring equipment used by the Company shall be uniquely identified through either a model/serial number or an allocated number. The Quality Coordinator shall maintain a register to record and plan equipment testing. This shall include:

" a listing of the measuring equipment used by the Company
" records of test results
" dates of next tests due

Measuring equipment shall be tested in accordance with requirements specified in the "Measuring Equipment Testing Summary". Additional checks shall be undertaken if the equipment is knocked, damaged, or repaired.

New equipment, or hire equipment, shall be tested prior to first use.


Where cadastral survey work is to be subcontracted to other survey firms it is essential to ensure equivalent quality control standards are maintained. Work shall only be subcontracted on approval of Directors - who shall ensure the competence of the personnel to be used through their personal knowledge or that of referees. In addition:
" Subcontract personnel shall complete all checking processes designated in this Manual, or

" Directors shall ensure that equivalent systems are being maintained by the subcontracting firm.


The following records are to be maintained to ensure traceability of our Quality Assurance processes.

" Field Notes (with header page completed and checks shown)
" Job Files including completed checklists
" LINZ Requisitions and Audits
" LINZ Comparative Requisition and Audit data
" Equipment calibration
" Staff training / Skills Matrix
" Internal audits

These records will be maintained for a minimum period of seven years.


10.1 Internal Audits

The Quality Coordinator shall arrange an annual audit of the Cadastral Survey QA System. This shall include for each office:

" Field audit of a cadastral survey for each Licensed Cadastral Surveyor in the Company using the LINZ Checklist
" Review of a sample of Job Files to verify compliance with requirements of the QA Programme, including field notes and checklists.
" Effectiveness of Staff and Office Manager Meetings
" Currency of Skills Matrix
" EDM Test Records

The audit is intended to verify compliance with SAPS processes and to identify potential improvements to these. Outcomes will be reported to Staff and Office Managers Meetings.

Actions arising from the audit could include staff training, changes to work processes or communication structures, or amendments to forms and computer based checking. These will be noted in the Minutes of the following Office Managers Meeting.

Audits shall be recorded on an Internal Audit Checklist, Form 8.

10.2 Processing LINZ Requisitions and Audits

The QA Coordinator shall maintain a file of all LINZ Requisitions and Audits pertaining to work by SAPS. All LCSs are responsible for forwarding copies of this information to the QA Coordinator.

Whilst individual surveyors will resolve any issues raised with LINZ the QA Coordinator shall review this information to ascertain whether the SAPS QA System requires change to prevent future recurrence. In support of this he shall maintain a summary of Requisitions on a spreadsheet to facilitate periodic review of any trends.

Requisitions received shall be discussed at staff meetings and any related system improvements recorded in the Minutes.

10.3 Other Improvement Sources

In addition to the above Ideas for system improvements, in effectiveness or efficiency, could arise from:

" Staff suggestions
" Staff or Managers Meetings
" Client Feedback

The Quality Coordinator shall ensure these are recorded in relevant meeting Minutes to track action taken and its effectiveness.


Client Engagement Contracts

Cadastral Survey Field Checklist (Optional) Form 2

E-Survey Unit Title Plan Examination Checklist Form 5

E-Survey Processing Checklist Form 6

E-Survey Pre-Validation Checklist Form 7

E-Survey Submitting Document Checklist Form 9

E-Survey LCS Submitting Checklist Form 10

Internal Audit Checklist Form 8

Dataset Profile Lodgment Form


Skills Matrix (Spreadsheet)

Equipment Register

Measuring Equipment Testing Summary

Office Managers' Meeting Agenda

Staff Meeting Agenda